Will the Impeachment Inquiry Affect Stock Markets?

Clayton Alexander, investment advisor and founder of Teton Wealth Group, LLC., was recently featured in U.S. News online magazine discussing how the impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump could affect stock markets.

Experts believe that there is little immediate threat to markets at this point in time. However, if impeachment escalates, the uncertainty created could send waves throughout global markets. Analyzing previous impeachments and their effects on the stock market only offers mixed signals and little information regarding what investors can anticipate in today’s climate. But one thing is certain – it’s important to be prepared.

“We are going to see a lot of volatility,” says Alexander. “I think we will see more investors take a conservative position, waiting to see what will happen.”

To read the full article about the effects of impeachment inquiry on market volatility, click here. The more informed you are about market volatility, the better you can protect your assets. We can help.

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