About Us

Teton Wealth Group, LLC. in Murray, Utah, is a family-focused financial planning and wealth management firm. We focus on helping you define and implement the retirement income, tax-efficient and estate planning strategies that can guide you toward achieving the retirement and financial goals you’ve dreamed of.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives by creating personal strategies for each individual and informing clients as fully as possible about retirement planning. Our investment advisors and financial professionals can help you address retirement income and distribution strategies, risk management, investing, wealth protection, and tax-efficient estate planning and conservation.



How We Can help

The Ascent Plan

Where are you now?

There are many paths to take, but if unfamiliar, the trek to your retirement goals becomes confusing. With your Teton Wealth guide you begin to trust the trail – as we blaze a path together with strategies to scale new heights.

Where are you going?

From clearing away the brush to defining how to implement what’s important to you, your Teton Wealth guide reveals the financial options, tax planning and risk management strategies to navigate the path ahead.

Strategies to help you get there

Each step you take makes up the journey that becomes your life. We accomplish our goals with support from others, a strong compass that guides us when all seems lost, and a flexible financial plan with the wealth strategies that become the foundation to achieve what’s truly important to us.

Staying the course

Navigating the peaks and valleys that life brings us, the ups and downs of financial markets, and the emerging ways we choose to experience our worlds require that we course correct along the way. We’re here whenever your financial plan needs to adapt.


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